FramR at a Glance

Quick answers for often asked questions

More features Why FramR

Smooth pricing right across the frame. No funny price breaks or unexpected jumps

The most accurate, flexible pricing app uniquely designed for framers

Getting Setup

   Is FramR fast to set up?

Selecting typical settings will get you pricing in seconds. There are also helpful videos on the website to help refine settings for your business.

* Supplier catalogues may not be populated for all markets

   Can I price using the Multiply materials method?

Yes FramR is very customisable, set it up however you feel is best.

   Can I run FramR over more than one device?

FramR can be run over a internal computer network, or hosted on a server to allow access over a cloud network.

Pricing with FramR

   How quickly can I price a job?

Normal time 20-60 seconds.

   Can I price multiple jobs at once?

You can price multiple jobs at once and for different customers.

   My framing is very custom. Can FramR handle that?

Yes, FramR is extremely flexible and can deal with all kinds of complex framing scenarios.

   Can I apply discounts?

You can apply a regular discount to a client or give a discount on the spot.


   Can I see my customers sales history?

You can immediately see the full history of framing jobs, sales and payments.

   Can I keep in contact with customers?

Yes, you can mailout to customers and track who was mailed to, and who came in.

   Can I duplicate customers' past jobs?

Yes, past jobs can be easily duplicated.

Stock & inventory

   Is it easy to keep supplier catalogues up to date?

Supplier price catalogues are pre-installed. Catalogues are updated by suppliers as required using the import wizard.
* Supplier catalogues may not be available for all markets

   Can I see what materials I need to order?

FramR gives a detailed report on all the materials you need to order (Stock control not required to use this feature).

   Can I run stock control?

Stock control can be run for moulding, matboard and items.


   What reports can I view?

Financial, customer, stock and staff to name a few.

   Can I report on the status of jobs?

You can see jobs and quotes, orders to be completed, orders completed awaiting collection and more.

   Can I export reports?

Reports can be exported to excel.

Point of sale

   Can I sell non-framing items?

You can add non-framing items to a framing job or invoice.

   Can I keep track of accounts?

Yes, you can keep track of who owes you money, provide invoices and send out monthly statements.

   Can I use bar codes?

Yes, barcoding can be used throughout FramR.