Frequently asked questions

   Is FramR FREE really free to use?

Yes, you can use FramR FREE to price frames for free, forever.

   Can I save jobs and customers?

You will need to subscribe to be able to save jobs, customers and get all the other great features.

   How much does a subscription cost?

Subscriptions start from as little as 9.95 per month. *

* Prices may vary slightly for different markets

   How do I subscribe?

It's simple to subscribe. From within FramR FREE click on the ellipsis at the top right of the Job Form and select My Subscription.

   Do I have access to all features if I subscribe?

Yes, you have full access to all features.

   How do the different subscription levels work?

Choose a subscription level according to the value of jobs you price each month. Any unused credit is carried forward to next month. This allows you to offset busier periods against slower periods.

   What happens if I cancel my subscription?

When all your credit is used up FramR FREE will revert back to the FREE version. You will still be able to price, but you will not be able to save jobs or customers until you renew your subscription. Your data is still safe.

   Can I change my subsciption?

Yes, you can change your subscription at anytime.

   Can I run FramR FREE over more than one device?

Yes, just sign into FramR FREE from another device. *

* Device must occasionally connected to the internet to sync data, and running Windows10.

   Is FramR FREE easy to set up?

FramR FREE's setup wizard will have you pricing in seconds. There are also helpful videos on the website to help refine settings for your business. *

* Supplier catalogues may not be populated for all markets

   My supplier is not on FramR FREE, will you get them on?

If your supplier is not one that we provide, have them contact us and we will be happy to look into it.

   Can I add my own products?

Yes, create your own supplier and then any products can be added to that supplier.

   How do I backup my data?

As long as you are connected to the internet, your data is backed up to the cloud and safe.

   Will FramR FREE work on a Tablet?

FramR FREE will work on devices running Windows10.

   I'm using an earlier version of FramR, can I move to the new version?

Jobs, customers, invoices, payments and most settings (Customer Categories, Extra Items, Job Types, Mailing Lists, Payment Methods, Referral Sources, Staff Members and Wastages), can be imported. Markups and labor charges are much simpler in FramR FREE so markups and labor charges from Framiac FramR are not imported, but we set them up for you.

   Can I keep using my current version of FramR?

Yes, you are still able to download and subscribe to the current version by going to your account.