Fast setup

means you can get pricing in seconds

We've simplified setup to save you a lot of work and stress

We know you're busy

That's why we created industry best practice settings
so that you can get pricing quickly

Get pricing in seconds

By using typical settings, an hourly rate, labour times, supplier catalogues and markups are populated ready for you to start pricing with confidence immediately.

Refine settings quickly

Every business is different, so we recommend you refine your settings. This is a quick process and it will help you to feel more confident about where the price is coming from.

Fast pricing

that's accurate and consistent

FramR is the most customisable pricing system around

Need to price complex individual framing jobs?

If you can design it FramR can price it, consistently every time

Super fast pricing

It's important that your attention isn't taken away from the customer. FramR's comprehensive but simple job form makes pricing fast, accurate and hassle free.

Price anything, yes... anything

Create extra services for anything you can think of and have the flexibility to add as many as you need to a framing job. Even add once off charges to the job while pricing.

Handle multiple customers & jobs

Customers can be like buses, they all come at once. FramR allows you to serve multiple customers and price multiple jobs at once.

Template Jobs

Create job templates to ensure staff include all components when pricing. Template your most popular or complex job types.


They're important... right?

FramR helps you to deliver the professional service you want

You care about your reputation

FramR keeps your customer service at the forefront and above the competition

More professional

Deliver the professional service your customers expect, and save valuable time by instantly accessing your customer's framing and sales history.

Reward loyal customers

Reward your loyal customers by setting them up with standard discount rates. Avoid giving the wrong discount to the wrong customers.

Keep in contact

Repeat customers are the life blood of small business, create specific interest mailing lists and easily keep in contact with those customers.

Which customer

See who are your best customers and which ones are most profitable, know if you are giving away too much discount.

Payments & Invoicing

Keep track of payments and debtors

Follow the trail: job sheets, Invoices and statements

Keep on top of payments and debtors

and reduce time consuming tedious admin tasks

Simplify the process

FramR links everything together so you can easily and confidently keep track of jobs, invoices and payments so you're never caught short.

Manage account customers

FramR keeps track of all outstanding payments, generates reports and produces professional statements to issue your account customers.

Professional documentation

FramR produces professional jobsheets, Invoices and statements and links them all together to easily follow the trail

Know what's paid and what's owing

Reports allow you to see the finacial status of every job and/ or customer instantly. See which staff took payments and when.

Keep track of jobs

Current and past jobs at your fingertips

Never keep your customer waiting

Know the current status of every job instantly

to help avoid situations of jobs not completed

Quotes or jobs

Mostly customers will accept your quote and leave the jobs for framing. At other times customers want just a quote. FramR lets you save quotes and easily convert them to orders when the customer returns.

Location IDs

Confidently know where the jobs is located using location Ids. quickly change the location Id as the location of the jobs changes. For example from draw to completed rack.

Jobs at your fingertips

See what jobs are waiting to be completed and for when, or what jobs are waiting to be collected and by whom. Have access to your jobs quickly and confidently. Never leave a customer waiting while you try to track the job.

Clear worksheets

Minimise costly mistakes and ensure workshop staff know what's got to be done with clear worksheets or material cutting sheets. Find moulding quickly with location Ids.


Monitor business performance

Important information about your business is at your fingertips

Want to know more about your business?

Know the health of your business at a glance

Project workload & cashflow

See at a glance how many framing jobs are to be completed, including their monetary value. Also view jobs waiting to be collected, or those collected not yet paid.

View sales history

View sales receipts by day, week, month or year. Compare them against last year to see how your business is performing.

Monitor conversion from quotes to sales

Report on how well your quotes are being converted into sales to help make important decisions about service and pricing. See how well customers are reacting to your price.

View top jobs, customers & sales people

See who are your best customers, which type of jobs are more profitable and worth doing. Know which sales staff are taking in the most work and getting the best margins.

See labour required and used

Project how many staffing hours will be required for the coming week, check the effeciency of framing staff against past hours billed out.

View top selling products

See what products are your best sellers and which need to be culled from the range. Monitor buying trends and patterns.

Managing stock

Lower costs with less stock & smarter buying

FramR will show you what stock you need and for when

Ordering stock is almost fun...

FramR simplifies ordering stock, it's fast and accurate

Quickly order stock

Easily report on the exact amount of materials required for next week or month, materials are collated by type and supplier so nothing is missed.

Up-to-date supplier catalogues

Quickly import supplier catalogues to ensure your prices are up-to-date. Create your own catalogue items

Run stock control

Keep track of what stock you have on hand, have FramR warn you when you are getting low on a product.

Gain supplier discounts

Use the materials used report to historically see which materials are worth buying in quantity to gain supplier discounts.

Point of Sale

Sell anything with FramR

Sell other things, not just frames

keep your sales in one place with FramR's point of sale system

Add your own products

Add your own products to FramR, apply an individual mark-up to an item or vary markup over a whole range.

Run stock control on Items

Report on current stock levels and reorder levels. Have FramR warn you if an item falls below reorder level.


Market strategically to grow your business

FramR keeps you in touch with your customers

Get to know who your customers are

In small business repeat customers are key, FramR lets you keep in touch

See how customers are referred

FramR captures information about where your customers come from to help target your marketing budget effectively.

Create specialist mailing lists

Create mailing lists based on the different products and services you offer to market strategically to interested customers.

Measure maketing effectiveness

FramR captures which customers came in from marketing campaigns to measure their effectiveness.

View your top customers

See who are your top customers, view their referral history and what marketing campaigns they have been part of


For peace of mind

We know FramR is important to your business

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