Got a lot on your plate?

FramR lets you eat through the workload

If you've got a lot to do, and it seems never enough time to do it.

FramR is the practical and affordable solution for small business

Time to get things done

It never seems that there is enough time in the day for framing. FramR frees up your time by taking care of time consuming admin tasks. Job sheets, Invoices, payments and much more can be created in seconds, ensuring you know what needs to be done for when.

Know more about your business

It takes between 30 to 50 seconds to price and save a job. You haven’t just saved a job though, you have created a work sheet, seen how much profit you’ve made, how much stock you need and much, much more. You now know more about your business than ever before.

Profit where it matters

Because turnover is much lower, small business needs to keep on top of profit margins. A small drop in profit per job can have a big effect on whether the month’s bills can be met. FramR monitors your profit margins and helps you know if you can raise them.

Consistent and professional

There is no doubt that customers buy consistency. Now everyone can price consistently and accurately every time. Offer professional consistent service by finding past jobs, products or payments in seconds, and know if customers are on a special pricing rate.

Grow your business

Repeat customers are the life blood of your business. FramR keeps you in contact with past customers, create specific mailing lists for your customers and see who respondes to mail outs. Know which mail outs had the best effect on your customers.

Market to customers wisely

There’s no doubt marketing is complex and it’s easy to just waste money. FramR keeps track of what brings your customers in and importantly, what brings them back. Create effective marketing campaigns just like the big boys, based on well gathered information.

FramR offers cost effective tools to save you time and offer the best in customer service

Got a lot to keep on top of?

Keep on top of big business with
first class tools to manage effectively

FramR alleviates big business pain points

Manage retail outlets

Set FramR up in your or third party retail outlets, quickly import outlet jobs into the factory computer for processing. Create job templates to ensure retail outlets don’t miss vital components. Password protect sensitive areas so outlets do not have access.

Manage sales staff

See how sales staff are performing, keep track of which are making the most sales or who is giving away too much discount. Track who took in the order if queries need to be made about the job. Staff members names are printed on customer slip for their reference.

Manage stock

Streamline your stock processes. Run materials required reports to quickly see what’s needed, have stock control warn you when running low on stock. Have FramR warn you if materials are too small for the job.

Audit jobs and payments

See full job and payment history of customers. See who took the payment and payment method, and if reversals were made and by whom. Apply standard discount rates to specific customers to eliminate mistakes by staff.

Manage Staffing hours

Minimise staff overheads by monitoring how many workshop man hours are required. FramR tracks the time required to do jobs to build reports and forecast future staff hours.

Streamline workshop processes.

Completion dates are allocated for jobs to manage workflow. detailed worksheets are printed for jobs and cutting lists can be printed for busy factories. Location Id’s allow artwork and moulding to be quickly located.

Are you a factory supplying retail stores?

Whether you supply your own or third party retail stores

FramR has the tools for you

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