Feel confident when delivering the price
to your customer

FramR doesn't just give you accurate consistent pricing, it lets you
intimately understand where your price is coming from.

Only FramR can do this

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FramR costs both your time and materials into your price, giving you confidence when pricing

Your customers feel happier

There is no doubt that customers feel happier about the frame price when it's professionally generated. Framers frequently say how much more willing the customer is to buy when they deliver a professionally generated price.

You feel more confident

FramR can price frames two ways, the way you're probably used to. Or leverage FramR's unique labour plus materials pricing method, which has a proven record of boosting profitability and giving absolute confidence when pricing.

How's FramR different?

The most difficult expense to build into the frame cost is labour. FramR automatically adds labour into every task of making the frame. This means when you price a frame you know the true cost of making it every time.

How does this help?

This hidden labour cost eats into profitability, and in most cases it's the biggest expense. Seeing that hidden cost in the price lets you feel better about the price you charge. It's about confidence to deliver the price.

Drive more profit into your framing by testing
what your customers will pay

Knowing what your customers are willing to pay for your service is one
of the biggest challenges facing framers. FramR is here to help.

Only FramR can do this

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FramR makes it so simple to increase margins and then monitor what your customers think

What should you charge?

Not all framers are the same, therefore it stands to reason that framers should and do charge different prices. Store presentation, customer service, design and build quality all affect the customers price perception. Knowing how your customers perceive you, is the biggest challenge.

We've made it simple

In FramR, gone are over-complex, fidley mark-ups. it's extremely simple to make small incremental adjustments to your markups, so you can test what your customers will pay. Small adjustments that have an insignificant affect on the customers price but an overall improvement to your profit.

Price happy customers

FramR monitors and reports on how well you are converting your quotes into orders. This gives you the ability to monitor your overall customer reaction to price increases and whether you have room to increase your profit margins.

Profit without working harder

It takes less than 2 minutes to make an adjustment to markups, a simple task that has a big influence on how much more money goes into your bank account. With FramR, it’s not about working harder it’s about working smarter.

Isn't time you had a pay rise?

Pricing without limitations

We know every frameshop is different.
FramR allows you to create service charges unique to your business

No matter how complex or difficult the task

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No sudden or unexpected price increases when you go over a size, FramR offers smooth pricing right accross the frame.

The worlds most flexible framing software. If you can imagine it FramR can price it

Create your own extra charges

FramR's truly unique Extras tool lets you create your own custom services suited to your business, not someone elses idea of what you should charge.

Easily add anything on the fly

Need to add something to a frame you may never have to include again? No problems, just ad it as an Ad Hoc Item and FramR will take care of the rest.

Add in extra time when you need to

Quite often framers have to do something that will take longer than normal. Just add extra minutes and FramR will charge it based on your hourly rate.

FramR is about no limits

There is no limit to the number of items you can add to a job. Add one matboard or fifty, it's the same for any component, there's no limit.

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