Our business is better in every way

Kim Oldfield

Blossom Street Gallery

Kim uses FramR because it's easy to understand.

She got the added bonus of being a better business woman.

You say FramR is easy to understand.

Yes, I looked at others on the market and FramR was much more straight forward. Getting setup was quite painless as so much work is done for you. It's clear and simple to use, everyone can use it easily and consistently
and that's a load of my mind.

You're now better at business.

I guess like most framers, I’m good at framing and less interested in business management. FramR makes you better at business, but not in a scary, oh… I don’t want to look at it kind of way, it leads you through and makes the business stuff easy.

So you’re making more money?

Oh yes... the framing part of our business was definitely struggling to make money before FramR. Now it is the most profitable part of the business.
It's helped a lot.

What else do you find helpful?

It’s helpful in so many areas, but a big thing for us is how clear the jobsheets are. There used to be so much wasted time referring between sales and framing, but the jobsheets have really reduced confusion.

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Blossom Street Gallery
Blossom st. Gallery

Our Business is better in every way

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