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Alwynn Morris

In 2 Frames

Framing since 1993, Alwynn has tried many different pricing formulas

FramR is the one that actually works.

You’ve tried other pricing structures?

Yes, perhaps like many framers, when I first started I took on a pricing structure from another framer, later I gained another from a more experienced framer. From there I continued to rework it as required. The problem was they always had issues and I found myself spending too much time getting them right.

What’s good about FramR?

FramR prices correctly across the range, from large to small, from simple to complex, it’s scalable and accurate every time. I’m no longer spending days re-tweaking prices, if our overheads go up, which of course they do, it’s simple to add the increase accordingly. If I want to increase my margins, it’s also extremely simple.

You say that FramR is confidence

A big issue for me, and perhaps for many framers; is that I couldn't always be 100% sure of the price. I knew I was in the ball park, but I also knew there were issues. FramR gives the breakdown of your materials and labour costs and your mark-ups. You can see where the price is coming from and why you need to charge what you do. That’s confidence.

How has this confidence helped?

We're confident about making more margin on our framing without customers turning away, and that we are very good at what we do and people are willing to pay for our skills. How has that helped? We’re more profitable and more professional, it's true that the best customers buy from the more professional businesses.

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In 2 Frames
In 2 Frames

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