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Customers are the lifeblood of every business. If your business can build a good customer database, survival can almost be guaranteed.

Capture the customers name.

Or if they are a business you may want to know them by their business name. By default if a business name is added to the form it will be filed as this, but it can be changed to whatever you prefer.

Customer contact details can be added and customers can be linked to mailing lists that may be of interest to them.

Customers can also opt in to be notified that their order is completed by receiving an automatic SMS.

Customer categories can be also applied. These categories can be setup in settings with different discount rates that will be automatically applied for the customer. Ensuring that the correct discount is given to the customer eveytime.

Customers can be searched for by Name, Business Name, phone number or email

Additional customers can be added and if requried, customers can be deleted. Note: If a Customer who has jobs is deleted those jobs will not be deleted but instead, will be listed as belonging to Cash Sale.

Click on the History button to see list of jobs, orders and transactions for the customer.

Clicking on the job number will take you to edit the job. It's also possible to clone the job if the customer wants a repeat of the job.