Importing your existing data in FramR FREE

If you are an existing user of Framiac FramR you may wish to move over to FramR FREE.

You will need to be Subscribed to FramR FREE to be able to migrate your data across from version 9.07.83.

Most likely you have collected years of data that you wish to bring across, we've made the process pretty easy.


Please read
If you are running Framiac FramR over a local network, ensure all other instances are shut down before proceeding.
It's important that no other instances of Framiac FramR are accessing the database while optimising and exporting.

The first thing you need to do is ensure you have version 9.07.83 of Framiac FramR. To check what version you have, on the job form click on Help/ About

version of framiac FramR

If you don't have this version go to, Click on My Account and from within your account click on Download. Follow the promts to install version 9.07.83.

download the latest version of framiac FramR

Once FramR 9.07.83 has been installed run it and go to Admin/ Companies. In the manage Companies Window click on Optimise Company to compact and order your database.

optimise company

Re-open FramR and once again go to Admin/ Companies. In the manage Companies Window click Export Company.

export company

If your company file is large the export can take a while, so please be patient and wait for the dialog to popup showing that the export has completed.

export completed

On the same computer open up FramR FREE and select Settings from the Job form Drop down menu.

go to settings in FramR FREE

Select General settings from the side menu and then hold the Ctrl button down and press U (for Upgrade). The Select Folder dialog will open. Navigate to C:/ Framiac/ Export. In folder at the bottom you should see Export. Click Select Folder.

Locate export folder

You should receive prompts that FramR FREE is upgrading and saving your data.

If your file is large it may take just a little while, so as with the export, please be patient.

When all your data has been imported and saved, shut FramR FREE down and re-open it.

What does not get migrated across?

We're not able to migrate your Items and Artwork, but these can be added manually from the Stock form. Artworks are now included as part of Items in FramR FREE.

We're unable to migrate your Labour times. We do however set you up with typical settings and have made the process of adjusting them much easier than version 9.07.83.

It's not possible to migrate Markups. We do also set these up for you and have made the process of editing markups much simpler and understandable while still maintaining a high degree of flexibility.