Automatic supplier catalogs

Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

FramR FREE offers automatic supplier catalog updates for a number of regions. These are called System Suppliers.

If you believe a suplier should be on FramR FREE have them contact us and we will be happy to look into it.

When a catalog update is available they will become visible in the bar on the left side of the Stock form, simply click the "Update Catalogs" button to receive the latest update.

A list of suppliers can be found in the stock form. Clicking on the supplier reveals the catalogues available for each supplier.

Catalogues can be included or excluded by selecting or deselecting each component type. It's not possible to delete a System Supplier or their catalogue items.

Discounts can be applied to each component type. It's also possible to apply a negative discount to increase the price.

The cost price displayed will either include or exclude sales tax depending on your Sales Tax settings. A message will be displayed if you are not Sales tax registered stating that the cost includes Sales tax.

There are a number of search functions to locate catalogue items. Select the required component type and then use the Search functions to filter the list.

A history of jobs that have used a material type can be accessed by clicking on Show History.

In history you can edit an existing job, Access the customer of the job or even clone a new job based on the existing.

* Catalogues and automatic updates are not available for all markets.
^ Catalogues updates are dependent upon suppliers, we cannot guarantee the catalogues are current or that the data is accurate.