Subscribing to FramR FREE

Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

Please note

New subscriptions, renewals or changing subscription levels should be done through "My Subscription" in the app.
To cancel a subscription see Manage Subscriptions.

A Subscription to FramR FREE opens up a whole host of benefits that allow even the smallest framers to make the most of their business.

With subscriptions starting from a little as 9.95 per month * (in your currency) it's affordable to all framers.

From the Job form click on My Subscription.

Select the subscription level that is right for your business. Keep in mind that any unused credit in one month will be forwarded to the next.

Then click Subscribe.

You will be directed to the Microsoft Store Login. Login to your Microsoft account and follow the prompts to setup your subscription.

While you're in "My Subscription", make sure you set a reminder level. This will allow FramR FREE to prompt you if your balance falls below the input amount.

Want to login with a different account?

Some users may be asked to login with an account which is not their preferred account, if this happens you can log out by going to the Microsoft store. Type Store into your Windows Search.

In the store click on the person icon and then click on your account from the menu.

Click Sign out and then go back to FramR FREE and Subscribe, you should now be able to login with your preferred Microsoft account.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Subscribe form.

* Subscriptions may vary slightly from region to region.

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